The designs revolve around a deep understanding of simplicity, construction and 360 degree functionality. The distinct shapes, season inspired colours, modern application of classic patterns along with premium materials, are the core to the CS aesthetic.

At CUB AND SCOUT, our mission is to provide a bespoke and personalised shopping experience. Personalisation is key to the CS Brand, the options endless, limited only by a woman’s personal style and needs. It is a collection that is intended to grow with the woman and her journey; an infinite relationship, individualised, organised, that allows them to live fully and as the best quality version of themselves. 

The CS woman has an affinity for fashion, she transcends trends, has effortless style and is honest in who she is. The CS Woman is always on the move, her life is fast-paced and schedule always changing. She is well travelled and culturally savvy.

CUB AND SCOUT celebrates its Australian heritage, all products designed locally and embrace global concepts. Our primary focus is on quality, longevity, ease and craftsmanship.

Christina’s experiences through her own journey of motherhood informed what the brand has become today.

 *’carry-wear’ - CS noun. A fashionable and practical container for women..