In The Bag - Nadia Fairfax

Full of energy and exuding charisma, Nadia Fairfax, bounces around with a smile from ear to ear as we sit down for a catch up to discuss her day to day adventures, love for travel, and her plans for the rest of 2020. Even amidst 'lockdown', Nadia has found herself busier than ever creating her unique content that displays her bubbly personality, beautiful smile, impeccable style, and sense of fun! 

We hope you enjoy a peek into Nadia's world as much as we did. 

What are three things you never leave home without?

Glossier Balm Dotcom - my lips go crazy for hydration.  

A pair of snazzy earrings – you never know when you might need to throw them on to elevate your outfit from a 5 to an 8 in a heartbeat. 

A hair tie – always! I get terribly irritated by my hair and can’t stand it over my face. As a young gymnast I always tied it back so now it’s ingrained in me.

How would you describe your personal style?

Ever-evolving! How I dress is very much dictated by how I feel so it’s always changing – I can go from dressing like tennis legend, Bjorn Borg one day, to Catwoman the next! I'm often drawn to lush textures and bold colours and shapes. 

What’s your signature dish?

As in cooking? You're kidding right? 

Sadly I am not a whiz in the kitchen, so my answer would have to be toast?! I do however, excel in music selection and table styling. 

Where will you be holidaying once travel restrictions are lifted?

I’ll be staying local, my go-to is Hamilton Island. We’re so lucky in Australia to have paradise at our doorstep. Internationally my go to is Maca Kizi in Bodrum, Turkey. The water is so blue and the vibe is *chefs kiss*.

Describe your ideal date night…

A fabulous evening filled with laughter, an abundance of Saké, and to finish  - dancing in my lounge room to The Rolling Stones. 

What is your go-to CUB + SCOUT bag?

I’m a huge fan of the CS Carry-All in every colour but I do especially dig the navy! It’s super versatile and the perfect sized bag for flights and a long day at the beach. 

Who are your female role models? 

I LOVE Princess Anne! She is so often overlooked but her list of honours is insane - she is an Olympian, a patron of over 200 charities, and she oozes cool. I also have a feeling she's a bit of a tomboy like me ;) 

What are your plans for 2020?

Love, harder!!! Across all the realms of my life.

Nadia pairs all of her looks back with her favourite Cub And Scout "carry-wear" and the end result is the quintessential 'girl next door' with the best wardrobe around and a smile to kill!