In The Bag - Lou Hay

This month, we sat down with the ever bubbly Lou Hay who truly is like a cup of sunshine. Her honesty, her beauty, her style and her easy-go nature shines through in these gorgeous pictures from her most recent holiday escape to Palm Beach, NSW.

Sitting down with Lou is like sitting down with an old friend. Similarly to myself, she is separated from her family (her sister in LA) and is doing her best to make the most of these crazy times in 2020. We love how Lou matches her Cub And Scout bags to her 'ever-changing' style whether in a full tonal look or a bright summer dress. As we near the end of this year, this journal provides a total inspiration for the upcoming holidays and the festive summer season. 

Tell us about an average day in your world…

I hope I’m not alone when I say the first thing I do when I wake up is check Instagram (terrible habit, I know). I go through my emails and answer what’s important for the morning and flag the ones I can get back to. I wake up dreaming of coffee so it’s a single or double espresso next and then I head off to Pilates. I prefer working out first thing because it puts me in such a good mood. The rest of the day differs depending on the week but it’s usually a mix of planning for upcoming projects, pulling props and preparing product for any shoots I have that week and trying to stay on top of my inbox. In our new socially-distanced world events are few and far between so now the evenings are for family and catching up with friends.

 What are three things you never leave home without?

 My phone, oh the anxiety if I forget it! Lip balm and hand sanitiser.

 How would you describe your personal style?

Ever-changing! I really dress for my mood. One day I’ll be inspired by 90s minimalism and the next day I’ll be in a feminine, floral dress. I really admire people that have a distinct personal style, I’m all over the place!

 What’s your signature dish?

 I can really nail a vodka rigatoni… but not sure how signature that is now, I swear I saw it all over Instagram during lockdown. 

 Where will you be holidaying once travel restrictions are lifted?

 I’ll be on the first flight to LA to visit my sister. I miss her desperately and I can’t wait to spend a couple weeks over there with her.

 Describe your ideal date night…

 I’m a total foodie so dinner and cocktails at a restaurant with a great vibe is always a winner.

 What is your go-to CUB + SCOUT bag for holiday escapes?

I love the Piper pouches. I have collected a few and they’re in most of my handbags so I can keep everything organised. I use the different sizes to pack my toiletries, makeup and electronics. They’re also great for packing sunscreen and a spare set of swimmers in your beach bag.

 Who are your female role models?

 My mum and my sister. They are so strong and resilient. When we lost my Dad last year I really looked to them for strength. I so admire their ability to be positive and find happiness even in dark times. It’s an amazing quality I try to emulate.

 What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

I can’t wait to get into the festive spirit with my friends and family. My mum has been with me in Sydney so I’m grateful we’ll be able to spend it together. It’s been a crazy year to say the least so we all need a reason to celebrate.

 What are your plans for 2021?

I’m crossing fingers and toes we will be able to travel, even if it’s only to QLD. It’s been a tough year but 2020 really brought into focus what’s important to me in life and that’s the health and happiness of my family. I’m bring that forward to 2021 with a healthy dose of positivity!