In The Bag - Christina Phillips

Hi there and welcome to ‘In The Bag’, the new phase of the CUB AND SCOUT journey.
For a while now, I have wanted to create an avenue for our community, our customers, our friends, and our family – our sisterhood – to read about inspiring women leading extraordinary lives every day around us. Every woman has a unique story and a unique journey, and through ‘In The Bag’ I hope that we can create a space to share these journeys.
In the uncertainty of today’s world, I thought there was no better time than now to create The CS Sisterhood. So today, CUB AND SCOUT, launches ‘In The Bag’ which will become a compilation of interviews and conversations with amazing women on amazing journeys. .
My Journey.
Three years ago I was pregnant with my first daughter and searching for the perfect baby bag. I wanted something stylish and luxe to work with my wardrobe and realistically I knew it needed to be functional… but after searching the web and popping into all my favourite shops, I realised my perfect mum bag wasn’t out there. So I created my own.

Laughing with my two daughters during moments at home.

CUB AND SCOUT was born shortly after I had my first daughter Olivia, and before I knew it I had become a mum and a creative entrepreneur in the same year. I built the bag of my multi-tasking dreams; a roomy tote with thoughtful internal storage, outside pockets for life’s essentials, comfy handles to cushion hard-working shoulders and durable neoprene fabric – my nod to Australia’s ocean heritage. Best of all it was high end and fashionable, something I’d wear any day, any time.

As I have settled into motherhood, CUB AND SCOUT has come on the amazing journey with me, evolving into a collection of luxurious multi-purpose bags for movers, shakers and go-getting mums and women alike. Today, I use one of the many CUB AND SCOUT ‘carry-wear’ accessories to match my every mood and my ever changing routine. Our signature CS carryall keeps me organised from an early morning gym session to a school pickup. The CS Essential bag has been by my side on all my travels, from family holidays in Fiji to a recent trip back home to New York. My go to, every day, are my CUB AND SCOUT pouches that I can throw into any of my bags (or take out on their own) – they offer a pop of colour to every day! And now I add my personalised monogram to every one – that’s probably the American in me! 

My favourite flowers of quarantine, Chamomile Daisies, and some of our new Petit Piper Pouches. Launching in May.

My journey is about to get more exciting as not only am I expecting my third baby this month, I’m also celebrating the relaunch of CUB AND SCOUT's website and a range of new products. We’ve introduced a distinct new branding, sleek layout and a lifestyle journal to connect with our community of dynamic women. Here you can immerse yourself in the world of CUB AND SCOUT and the travels, art and culture that inspire our ‘carry wear’. I’ll also be introducing you to some of the women who embody our brand including fashion influencers, interior designers and business women, with exclusive interviews and photoshoots giving a glimpse into their vibrant lives.

 The NEW Petit Piper Pouch Collection - launching in May.

As one of life’s wanderers, I’ve loved creating an accessory brand for women at every stage of their journey. I hope you continue to connect with CUB AND SCOUT's adventures and I look forward to sharing the many amazing women of the CS Sisterhood with you very soon.